Coin Op Washers & Dryers Pty Ltd

are a family owned and operated company who have been looking after the laundry needs of Australia for the past 45 years.

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience & knowledge to supply the right equipment to suit your needs.

Our highly qualified technicians

Our factory trained technicians are on call to respond to service with speed & efficiency. 

As we are based in Rosebery our techncians can offer prompt & reliiable service. 

Our Laundry Equipment

All machines are sourced from the USA. We only use Speed Queen & Dexter laundry equipment  as they have proven to be the most reliable with power & water efficient models on the market today.

Our Guarantee To You

Prompt service & refunds given. When a service call is placed, one of our technicians will be sent out  to check, repair & give any refunds on the spot. If the machine cannot be repaired straight away it will  be replaced to minimize down time.

General Maintenance.  We visit sites regularly to clear, clean & maintain our equipment.

We provide laundry room services to:
  1. Apartment blocks
  2. Student accommodation
  3. Backpackers & hostels
  4. Aged care facilities
  5. Boarding houses
  6. Hotels & Motels
  7. Anywhere you require commercial laundry equipment
  8. Change & Soap Vending Machines. At request, we can also have available Change & Soap Vending  machines for installation where space is available.